Press Release 03/2018

Volker Lipp elected as Vice-Chair of the German Ethics Council

Legal expert Volker Lipp has been elected as Vice-Chair during today’s plenary meeting.

Lipp is a full professor for civil law, civil procedure law, medical law and comparative law at the University of Göttingen and member of the German Ethics Council since 2016. He succeeds Andreas Kruse who offered to place his position at disposal after two years of active contribution as Vice-Chair. Due to increasing professional commitments, Andreas Kruse felt to be no longer able to fulfil his duties as Vice-Chair in a way that would meet his own expectations and to fully assume the responsibility that this implies. However, he continues to be a member of the German Ethics Council.

Peter Dabrock, Chair of the German Ethics Council, thanked Andreas Kruse for his commitment and welcomed Volker Lipp as Vice-Chair. According to the Ethikratgesetz (Ethics Council Act), the German Ethics Council is composed of 26 members who are appointed for a period of four years by the President of the German Bundestag, half on the proposal of the German Bundestag and half on the proposal of the Federal Government. The Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Council are appointed in a secret ballot by the members of the German Ethics Council.

You can find more information about Volker Lipp on the members website.