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Press Release 07/2010 Ethics Council begins consultations on questions of reproductive medicine

Yesterday, on Thursday, the German Ethics Council commenced its consultations on questions of reproductive medicine. Introductory presentations by Jochen Taupitz and Regine Kollek on legal and medical aspects of new developments in the field of reproductive medicine formed the prelude to the discussions, which are expected to result in a Council Opinion.

Press Release 06/2010 Ethics Council provides public discussion forum for intersex problems

Last Wednesday, the German Ethics Council devoted its Bioethics Forum to the topic "Intersexuality – life between the sexes". Its aim was to remove the taboos from the social debate on intersexuality, to question prevailing socially constructed sexual norms and to start a discussion on the social acceptance of intersexuals.

Press Release 02/2010 The German Ethics Council invites international experts to a hearing on human-animal mixed-species entities

The combination of human and animal genes, cells and tissues in the laboratory raises ethical concerns about the significance and possible blurring of the boundary between humans and animals, a topic on which the German Ethics Council is currently drawing up an Opinion. This was the context of a public hearing held by the Council on 25 February 2010 to which experts from the United States, the United Kingdom and Austria were invited.