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Press Release 05/2011 Experts discuss the need for regulation of research with human biobanks

On Thursday (yesterday), the German Ethics Council and TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung e. V. (an organization dedicated to networked medical research and the associated technology and methods), invited a number of experts to Berlin for a meeting to discuss the Opinion and recommendations of the Ethics Council for placing research with human biobanks on a statutory foundation.

Press Release 02/2011 The controversial case of baby drops

One year after publishing its Opinion on the anonymous relinquishment of infants, the German Ethics Council has held a discussion with representatives from practice, the media and politics on what developments have occurred since then.

Press Release 11/2010 Experts join the German Ethics Council to discuss and compare the practice of preimplantation diagnosis in various European countries

The German Ethics Council is currently working on an Opinion on preimplantation diagnosis (PGD), which it intends to issue at the beginning of March 2011. To this end the Council held a public hearing on 16 December 2010 to learn about the regulation and practice of PGD in Belgium, the United Kingdom and France and about recent developments in the genetic screening of embryos.