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Press Release 04/2020 Solidarity and Responsibility During the Coronavirus Crisis

The current pandemic is challenging our society in unprecedented ways, leading to serious ethical conflicts. The German Ethics Council supports the measures currently being taken to contain infections, even though they require great sacrifices from everyone in this country. Restrictions on freedom must, however, be continuously assessed with a view to their manifold social and economic repercussions and be gradually eased as soon as possible. With its ad-hoc recommendation “Solidarity and Responsibility during the Coronavirus Crisis”, published today, the Ethics Council wants to provide ethical guidance for both this difficult balancing process and for the dramatic choices looming in the healthcare system.

Press Release 03/2020 Ethics Council: Opportunities for care through responsible use of robotics

In its opinion "Robotics for Good Care" published today, the German Ethics Council weighs up the opportunities and risks associated with the use of robots in care. The Council concludes that robots can make a valuable contribution to improving the quality of life of people in need of care and working conditions in nursing care. This presupposes, however, that the application of robotics neither replaces interpersonal relationships nor takes place against the will of those dependent on care or caregivers. Furthermore, it should not serve merely to maximise efficiency, and the development of technologies should involve the people affected by their application.

Press Release 01/2019 Ethics Council attends to national and international vaccination policies

At a public hearing in Berlin on 21 February 2019, the German Ethics Council discussed with experts from the fields of virology, epidemiology and political science which regulatory measures for the improvement of vaccination rates are ethically and legally acceptable or reasonable. The results of this hearing will be incorporated into the Opinion “Vaccination as a duty?” that the Ethics Council is currently preparing.