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Press Release 07/2011 Beyond gender – hearing of the German Ethics Council on the topic of intersexuality

Is it acceptable for children who are born intersexed to be given genital corrective surgery? Many intersex persons who are now adults express regret for the consequences of such operations, which are traumatic for them and are usually irreversible, and call for them to be banned. During the public hearing of the German Ethics Council on 8 June 2011 in Berlin, ethical, medical, legal, psychological and social questions in connection with intersexuality were the subject of a lively and heated discussion.

Press Release 06/2011 Ethics Council spotlights feeding the world

The Ethics Council invited prominent speakers, for example Vandana Shiva, winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize, Hans Rudolf Herren, President of the Millennium Institute in Arlington and Thomas Pogge, Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, to discuss the topic of feeding the world population and the associated ethical challenges.

Press Release 05/2011 Experts discuss the need for regulation of research with human biobanks

On Thursday (yesterday), the German Ethics Council and TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung e. V. (an organization dedicated to networked medical research and the associated technology and methods), invited a number of experts to Berlin for a meeting to discuss the Opinion and recommendations of the Ethics Council for placing research with human biobanks on a statutory foundation.