Public Conference

Meet the German Ethics Council! Our Life in the Pandemic

Event for pupils

KOSMOS Berlin, Karl-Marx-Allee 131A, 10243 Berlin


Children and adolescents have a much lower risk of experiencing a severe course of COVID-19 than older people or people with pre-existing medical conditions; they are, however, being strongly impacted from restrictions on education and on social life. Yet precisely such restrictions were imposed on them repeatedly during the Corona crisis, justified by consideration for the elderly.

There has been considerable debate about whether the measures taken to cope with the pandemic have unduly strained the particular vulnerability of young people and whether too little has been done so far to strengthen their resilience. The German Ethics Council has also frequently addressed these questions. It now wants to learn directly from pupils how they experienced the pandemic, what they think should have been done differently, what gave them strength, and what their hopes are for the near future.

The German Ethics Council therefore invites classes and courses (especially from upper grades) to present their experiences of dealing with the pandemic and to submit creative contributions at a public conference on 28 September 2022 entitled “Meet the German Ethics Council! Our Life in the Pandemic”. Pupils will meet and discuss their views with Council members, ask them questions and raise issues in the context of the pandemic on which they wish to receive guidance from the Ethics Council.

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