Public Hearing

Artificial Intelligence and Human Machine Interfaces



In its working group “Humans and Machines” , the German Ethics Council is currently dealing with the societal effects of digitalisation and associated ethical questions regarding the relationship between humans and machines. The focus is on developments in the field of artificial intelligence and the ever-increasing pervasion of digital technologies in all areas of life.

At the public hearing, the German Ethics Council questions four researchers about current and foreseeable future trends in the development of algorithmic systems and machine learning, and possible interfaces and interactions between humans and complex machines. Among other things, the following issues are addressed:

  • What are important differences between humans and machines with their respective material and functional characteristics?
  • What commonalities, convergences and interfaces between humans and machines can be observed or expected?
  • What role do different concepts of (artificial) intelligence play for the development and evaluation of (semi-)autonomous systems?
  • What are the ethical challenges with regard to concrete fields of research and practice?

Please switch to the German version of this website to see the programme and a video recording of the event (in German). The event is held in German.