Bioethics Forum

Reproductive Medicine and Debate Culture

Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Leibniz-Saal, Markgrafenstraße 38, 10117 Berlin/online


In the context of reproductive medicine, particularly intense ethical conflicts arise frequently, which at times take on characteristics of a culture war. While some methods of reproductive medicine are widely accepted, others – such as surrogacy, egg donation and abortion – are at the centre of intense controversy. How do we as a society want to deal with the different opinions that exist in this context? The Bioethics Forum does not aim to analyse individual methods in terms of their scientific foundations or their moral quality, but rather focuses on the way in which they are and should be discussed. The nature of the debate influences both individual decisions and social developments.

The first part of the event is dedicated to the question of which overarching arguments, terminology and concepts appear in the debates on specific reproductive technologies and how the public debate on these topics is conducted. Perspectives of several Council members are included, who provide insight into the discourse in their respective disciplines and from their long-standing experience.

The second part begins with an analysis from the perspective of communication science. The question is raised as to how a respectful dialogue on the topic of reproductive medicine could succeed despite divergent opinions. The following panel discussion will also address this issue, allowing members of the German Ethics Council to report on how they personally deal with differing positions within the Council.

The audience on site and online is cordially invited to take part in the discussion and ask questions.

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