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Press Release 07/2014 Ethics Council sees need for clarification regarding artificially created germ cells and embryos

In the estimation of the German Ethics Council, the most recent developments in stem cell research require no urgent legislative measures in addition to the ban on cloning. Nonetheless, the Council sees a need for clarification in regard to the far-reaching ethical and legal questions that arise particularly in conjunction with two possible areas of application for new stem cell technologies.

Press Release 05/2014 The future of reproductive medicine in Germany

What challenges do the procedures offered by reproductive medicine represent for our understanding of self-determination, family and society? Should the creation of so-called three-parent babies be allowed? What individual and social problems and opportunities might egg donation and surrogacy, as well as long-term egg freezing, bring to the women, children and families involved? And what needs for political action may arise from this? At its Annual Meeting in Berlin on 22 May, the German Ethics Council discussed these and many other questions together with speakers, three members of the Bundestag and more than 350 guests.