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Press Release 04/2015 Respecting people's cultural identity at the end of life – German Ethics Council in Istanbul

At a public meeting in Istanbul on Thursday, 26 March 2015, the German Ethics Council launched an intercultural exchange with Turkish researchers. The subject was ethical decisions at the end of life in an intercultural context. Considering the large percentage of patients of Turkish origin in Germany and a growing percentage of German-born patients being treated in Turkey, the German Ethics Council would like to contribute to a better mutual understanding and a culturally sensitive approach to end-of-life situations.

Press Release 02/2015 German Ethics Council discusses disease mongering

Burnout, chronic migraine, male menopause – are these ailments real conditions or are they simply made up illnesses? Are social problems being reframed as diseases? At the public Bioethics Forum of 25 February 2015, the German Ethics Council discussed the balancing act between unwarranted medicalization and essential therapy.